Week in the life – day 3

Day 3 was a bit of a whirlwind.  We went out to a little farm by Spruce Grove called Happy Acres that had a bunch of animals, a playground and a large U-Pick section.  My garden is producing what I’m using so I didn’t pick, but the kids sure got a kick out of the animals and wandering around.  There was a lot of hand holding by the older kids that Max didn’t tolerate for too long.  He held everyone’s hand at least once, but I think it was a big stretch for him.  What did I miss on the camera? An eye appointment, some laundry, bedtime and a few other things, but we’ll catch it eventually.  I’m glad to have so many good photos of the day time!IMG_5199
IMG_5198IMG_2111IMG_2133IMG_2134IMG_2137IMG_2139IMG_2149IMG_2155This one just sums it up.  Please hold my hand Max!


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