Week In the Life – Monday

Woohoo! Its finally starting to come together.  I was convinced I would be able to get the album done in no time at all once the documenting was done.  But adding the text and printing and then trimming and then embellishing is actually taking more time than I anticipated (surprise, surprise).

Here’s a walk-through for Monday.  My goal is to do a video walk-through of the whole album once its completed.

IMG_2589 IMG_2590

I’m thinking I might do a little bit more for a title page yet and include a bit of “my reason why”.  I’m not sure I love the transition from the 2×2 page straight to the divider.  We’ll see what I do there.IMG_2591

Each Day is starting with a 3×8 photo along with the wood veneer that you could see when I did my Week in the Life Setup post.  I put them all to black and white and I love that start!IMG_2592 I’m not sure if I’ll keep the Day 3×4 card straight across from the 3×8 overview card yet, its a lot of writing right beside each other.  I’m going to leave it for now, but I may change it.IMG_2593

I’m doing all my photo journalling in Photoshop before I print (just like Ali) and am using two fonts in two sizes for consistency. Frontage is the large bold font (I had to fill it, its actually an outline font) in size 30, and Orator in size 14 (9 for small photos with lots of words).  I’m changing the color as needed, and I like that tie in to the photo.IMG_2594 Here is a page with the perforated strips from the kit, and the large plastic number.  Max is 2 and this has been such a precious month.  He learns new skills everyday and is participating in activities with gusto!IMG_2595The end of Monday.  We had a bit of a misadventure right before dinner, and it was such a funny story to capture!

Thanks for checking out my Day 1, I’m loving this project and already have some ideas for the next time I do it.  I feel like I would like to have some more pictures of the daily grind, maybe it will easier when Max is 3…. a girl can hope!


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