Week In the Life – Thursday & Friday


This is the day that my photo taking mojo was at its lowest.  I could tell as I was planning that these next two days were stressing me out and then I reminded myself, NO RULES.  I removed the page protectors that I was struggling to fill as it was feeling forced, and suddenly it was working!IMG_2641

Again, I added a few stash embellishments like this rubber heart from Studio Calico.  I sometimes get caught in the trap of saving all the best things instead of using them in treasured projects like this one!IMG_2642 IMG_2643

I’m loving all the great photos that came out of this week.  Such precious moments with my little guy!IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2647

This was a fantastic photo the moment I took it.  Max loves his Opa, and to have all three of them in the frame was pretty special.

IMG_2648 IMG_2649

I used the plastic envelope to make these tabs.  I was planning like others to put it at the back to hold things as more of an envelope, but I think these tabs are pretty unique and turned out so neat!


2 thoughts on “Week In the Life – Thursday & Friday

  1. Lovely! There’s definitely no rules when it comes to how many or how few page protectors you have! I am so pleased for you that you realised before the stress got too much. Your pages are gorgeous.


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