Week In the Life – Saturday & Sunday


Saturday was the wedding we headed out of town for, and it was a very fun day.  We had spent the night with Chris’ brother & his wife and we drove into Calgary for some fun times between the wedding and the reception.


Max is an Opa’s boy.  He spent the whole day looking for Opa, sitting on Opa’s lap and playing with Opa’s camera.


I normally try to get shots of all of Chris’ siblings, but they aren’t always so easy to get in one place for a photo, so only Daniel & Becky this time!


We stopped at my parents on the way home and they weren’t home from church yet.  Max wandered all around the house saying “grandma, where are you?”IMG_2659

I had to capture at least one routine bedtime, Max is so specific in order of events we cannot put on P.J.s first, or skip any part of it!


I had been planning on using the WITL envelope for this, but I cut out those tabs from it for Friday, and I have had a few of the Story Kits this year, so I just emptied one (I think I only had the journalling cards left anyways, they can go into my stash) and punched holes with my WRMK punch.  I just wrote some personal thoughts that I didn’t necessarily want everyone to read and stuck it in!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my album.  I have one more post coming with my cover and title page, and I’m hoping to film a video walk-through of the album as well.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn out terrible!!


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