December Daily

A Look Back


I’ve been taking Ali’s Storytelling with December Daily and I absolutely loved looking back through Ali’s albums (even though I’ve seen them all over the years on her blog) and decided to do a similar look through on my December Daily from last year.  I had to laugh, because I’m not a big fan of the overall cohesive design of my album, but my storytelling was ON POINT!  There were so many great stories in the album that I loved seeing and reading again.

day 8

I loved this look at all my Christmas pillows and blankets.  This was right around the time when I was finding my rhythm with the project.  I worked on it daily and this was the first 3×8 insert I made.  It turns out my favorite spreads have 3×8 inserts, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind as I’m working on this year’s project.

day 9

Again, some of the details around the house are some of my favorites looking back.

day 12

I love this spread with the wish list and our Christmas movies.  And that smile….  Gotta love it!

day 20

Around day 21 my creativity was really working!  Its fun to remember what I was listening to and drinking last year.  Going to be a repeat topic this year for sure!

day 21day 24

I got a new camera this year, so I’m hoping to get a few better photos of Christmas Eve and present opening, but these ones were actually really fun to look back at!

day 25day 27 1

I want to remember to take more photos outside this year.  There were only really 2 days that I have outdoor photos for, and it was a really nice December last year.  It looks like this year will have some great weather as well, so I’ll try to remember to enjoy it this year!

day 27day 28

I love remembering the dinner we had at our house last year.  Unfortunately I was TIRED by the time I got to day 28 and the end is not as strong as I would have liked.  I totally even missed getting any photos of Max with us on that day or any of the gifts he opened.

The trip down memory lane was really helpful for focusing some of my attention.  It’s been a little funny this year with having the kits so far in advance of December.  I’m playing too much!  I hope I’ll have the strength to leave some room for photos and journalling!  Otherwise it’s going to be a whole album of pretty paper!



2 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. Darn it! I wasn’t gonna do a DD this year. But you are right about the stories being nice to read in the future. Hmm,. Maybe I’ll change my mind then.


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