Christmas Wreath (in under 2 minutes)

I promise I have been making great progress on my December Daily, I’m just struggling to take photos of life and the album and update here on a regular basis! I did get time to whip together this wreath though, and it cost $15 and took less that 2 minutes to make!! (I guess that might push it over into almost store-bought, but I choose to think positively and call it a craft!!)

I saw a similar ski based wreath at Michaels for $45 with a lot of elements I didn’t like (plaid fabric and cheap looking greenery. Ugh) but I loved the skis and was even thinking of using a coupon and altering it, but the price and amount of work I’d have to do were making me pause. Thankfully I found these little skis on our trip to Florida in the Target dollar spot for $3. (Oh, Target. I miss you.)  Back home I found this wreath (with a terrible awful red bow on it) at Superstore for $12. Add in some black satin ribbon that I’ve been using around the upstairs to decorate and the result is exactly what I was hoping for.

I’m going back and forth on if I should find some flocking and give it a coat of white since that seems to be all the rage, but for now it will hang as is on our front door to welcome our guests!
Check back this weekend for some DD updates.

Amy Jo


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