December Daily

December Daily Day 12-21

Here is another December Daily update.  Thanks so much to everyone who has followed along with my progress.  The album is done (except for day 18 and a sticky note I discovered on day 19.  Oops!).  It is so satisfying to have the month recorded in this way.  I had a few mishaps along the way, my Mint Hint paint was not as dark as I was hoping for and is a little hard to see on the two transparencies I tried my silkscreens on.  I will have to try again with a different color next time as this is a technique I’ve had success with in the past so I’m thinking its mainly due to choosing a color that is too light.


The calendar page ended up turning out so great.  I’ll definitely remember this idea for next year’s album.


This word art from Ali’s 12 days of giving was a great addition to the snowy photo.  It was a great year for snow in Edmonton, I got some great photos of the snowy landscape.


Ummm, I may have had too many of these…. at least they are so yummy!


I really wanted to include this sweet card from my Studio Calico secret santa!  I love the gold sparkle.  It didn’t photograph too well, but it sure is adorable.  The silhouette cut on the other side is a freebie I made back in November if you are still looking for something for your album you can get it here.


Day 17 is where I stalled out.  I finally realized (on the 23rd) that I wasn’t loving the silver sparkle page with the gold numbers.  So I took out the paper that wasn’t working, put this page from the Indigo catalog in and I quickly got back on track!


Here you can see unfinished day 18.  I’ll have to get on that…..


I tried to get a different sort of bokeh shot here with my cup and the tree behind.  It is always so sweet to see what students pick out for me at Christmas time and the end of the year, and this gift was exactly my style and taste!


I tried something a little different with the 20 tag and tucked it inside this card and then punched them all together so that you need to open the card to see the number.  It worked out really neat.



I’ve got 22-25 on the blog tomorrow, so check back for the rest of the album then!


Amy Jo


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