How to Pinterest

Over the years I’ve had some Pinterest wins.  Many Pinterest wins.  I have been called the Pinterest Queen of my group of friends, a title I do not wear lightly, I assure you.  Last January I saw a photo of some colorblocked mittens and thought “yes, this fits into my talents and abilities” and ran on out the door to Michael’s to grab some yarn.  A dear friend taught me how to knit mittens in college and this pattern is the extent of my knitting ability.  I swear to you I have never successfully completed a project that is not knitting mittens exactly like these ones.


Now, I consider the first rule of Pinterest to be this:

If you can complete the project in a reasonable amount of time (anywhere from one day to several days of naptimes), and spending a reasonable amount of money (probably less than you could buy said item, but not nessecarily) then you should go ahead and give it a go.

The second rule of Pinterest is as follows:

If you can’t do it, find a talented relative who can.


These fox in the snow mittens were WAY beyond my knitting ability.  But they were definitely within my Aunt’s.  She had just made a beautiful pair of socks for all her nieces and sisters when her cousin posted this project to her Facebook and encouraged her to try them.  I quickly voiced my encouraging opinion that not only were they within her ability, she had a niece who would ADORE them!


I’m pretty sure she finished them and had them in the mail to me in about 8 weeks once she started!  Amazing. All I know is that whenever I knit, my inner voice tells me I’d be done already if I had chosen to sew the item….


Aren’t they cute!!  Another Pinterest win.


Amy Jo


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