2016 Project Life Plans & Title Page

Wow! I can hardly believe that we are already almost half way through January.  My Studio Calico kits arrived over the weekend and this months kit, Arendal, is totally ME.  The pink, the yellow with the black and white, yes! I pulled out my favorite card (the yellow with the black and white dots) and went back through the Lollipop Guild kit to grab the 2016 card and the 12 dots.


I am loving the 9×12 size so far.  It allows for more 3×4 cards which I always seem to get stuck with, and less 4×6 spots to fill which I always seem to struggle with!

The big pink letter is from Ali Edward’s shop, but you can get similar alphabets from the Studio Calico color theory section as well (not sure if you can get that pink though).

The top left card and the black and white card with our last name I wrote as part of my weekly series to give away 3×4 and 4×6 cards with quotes relating to my one little word.  On this layout I actually used the original “love more worry less” as the scan of that card is giving me grief.  I will hopefully have that quote ready this month, but it won’t be this weeks download, that one is already ready to go.


Can I just say that those acetate pieces from the Stationery kit are to die for.  We often call Max, Maxi Taxi so I’m sure that the Taxi piece will be used for something special!

2016 Goals:

Project Life:
This year I’d like to keep my album down to one.  That may end up being harder with the smaller size, but I would prefer to have one album per year on the shelf.  Last year ended up being 1.5 albums, but that means an extra spot on the shelf.  I think if I add any 12×12 layouts from this year to the back of the half full album that will work out.  I am excited to have the 9×12 full page layout to play with this year.

One Little Word:
I bought the 6×8 gold & cream album for my OLW project this year.  I have never participated in this project before, so I’m excited for this size and this album.

Week In the Life:
I really loved Week in the Life last year and I’m excited to do the project again this year.  I’m not sure if I will buy the kit this year, I have a 4×4 album on the shelf that I think will work well for this years Week in the Life.  I’ve never made an album this size so I think it will be a unique challenge. Of course I might see this years WITL products and totally cave, but that is the plan right now.

December Daily:
Definitely on my Project List for next year.  Although right now I don’t want to give it any thought…. too much Christmas in the last little bit!

Recipe Book:
I’ve got a great recipe book right now, but it is starting to fall apart and I’d like to update it a little more to the dishes we are currently enjoying as well as pull some of my Pinterest recipes into “real life” physical format so that I don’t always need my iPad when I’m making them.  What I have is currently 6×8 so I will probably keep that size.  I’m also hoping to take some good photographs of our food through the year, and include them here instead of in my Project Life.

Quote Project:
I’m really excited to keep this series go through the year.  It has been challenging to digitize the handwritten quotes, but I am loving the results and the addition of them into my projects.

I would love to also have the opportunity to participate on a design team.  I don’t know yet how that will play out, but I’m excited to see what opportunities might arise over the year.

If you made it to the end of this post, you’re a champ!  Thanks for being interested in my journey this year.

Amy Jo


6 thoughts on “2016 Project Life Plans & Title Page

  1. Your title page is lovely. And I love your script quotes, very cool. I love WITL, it’s my very favorite project all year. I’ve done a couple 4×4 album projects, and it’s a fun size to work with. Used it for a Day In The Life project, and a December Stories project (just my take on December Daily, I haven’t been up for an intense Christmas project the last couple years). Anyway, this may be my first comment, but I’ve been around, cool blog. Michelle t


  2. I love your title page! Those pops of color are so fun 🙂 And oooh, your memory-keeping goals are soooo good. Should be fun! 🙂 Keep us posted 😉


    1. Thanks Pam! I need to go through your site for some advice about blog hosting etc. I saw you posted some useful advice over at the SC boards, now I just have to go read it! 🙂


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