Recipe Book

Recipes with the VBs


Chris and I have a great passion for cooking.  Often this passion manifests itself in our slow times, summer & late fall.  For me, out of necessity, it often becomes crucial in my busiest time of year, spring, as I no longer have time to just whip something together and I need a plan!  The last few years I’ve been steadily finding my way and my own style of cooking and preparing meals and I’ve come to rely on freezer meals.  I have a few great meals that I keep coming back to and sometimes in the depths of my Pinterest board I have a hard time finding them quickly.  Thus begins the recipe book project.

When The Lilypad had it’s 30% off digital items sale last week I jumped on these Nosh cards by One Little Bird as fast as I could.  I had seen them featured on Peppermint’s blog a few times and knew they would be great in a recipe album.  I originally planned to use this card as a title page, but then remembered seeing Pam Baldwin’s Iron on Transfer Christmas album and thought I might follow suit.  Full disclosure I had planned on using Silhouette heat transfer material but once I opened the file and saw all the little details I grew faint of heart.  I’ve weeded complicated patterns before and didn’t want the hassle of trying to get those tiny little pieces out, so Iron on Transfer it was!

I received this great cloth covered grey hand book from a friend in the Studio Calico Secret Santa exchange this year, and when I switched my plan for this years Project Life to 9×12 I knew I could use this great album for a different project.

I enlarged the image a bit and printed it (reverse!!) on a piece of transfer paper along with the title on the bottom.  Doesn’t that font bring back the 90s??  Using a sharp pair of scissors I cut out the image with a small offset (less than an 1/8th of an inch) so that I would have a little buffer around the image and not alter it with my cutting.  One bonus of this kind of paper is that I cut right through the pigs front legs to clear out between the pig and the cow, and once it’s ironed you can’t even tell that there was a cut there.

Once you’ve got your image placed where you want it, cover with a thin piece of pressing fabric (I just used a piece of quilting cotton lying around) and follow the transfer paper manufacturers guide for iron settings to set your image.

Now to start on the inside!


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