Quote #5

take me away 3x4 pngWelcome to week 5 of my quote series!  I have started this series as an expression of my One Little Word, Simplify, in a visible way that I am hoping to share with others.  You can download this as a png file by simply right clicking on the image above and saving to your computer, or you can download the quote as a 3×4 card perfect for your Project Life album.

Take Me Away 3×4 jpg
Take Me Away 3×4 png

Take me away

I printed mine out on an 8.5×11 piece of cardstock and added it to my inspiration wall in my craft room just above my computer.  I participating in Carson Riutta‘s Instagram challenge to Rehab your Craft Room, and it has been so fun to go through one thing each day (or save up a few for the same day) and winnow down the things I’m keeping so that what I have I will truly use.  I’ll continue to update my progress on Instagram as I go, so check me out there if you’d like to see some photos of my creative space.

Follow me here on my blog to keep up with this series as I go!  I would love to see what you make with these cards, so if you do use them in a project, link it in the comments below.



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