Happy Valentine’s Day

 Happy Valentine’s Day to my readers.  I am so thankful for this online space to create and I have been so lucky to have so many people download my work for their own scrapbooks that I wanted to say thank you!

I have a few free downloads today, the first is  a cut file for this interconnected word LOVE (sorry its a Silhouette Studio file, I forgot to save the png!).  The font is Frontage if you’d like to match it on your layouts.

Secondly I made a Valentine’s card set and am having some terrible self doubt over adding them to the shop, so I thought I’d make them free.  I tried to make a set that didn’t include pink (for those who get tired of pink) and realized that I am not one of those people and the more pink the better.  It felt a little bit outside of my natural ability and I’m not sure anyone would buy them, so I’d rather have you download them for free if there is even one card you’d like to use.

valentine's day cards

You can download them in two printable pdf pages, Page 1 and Page 2


Thanks again for following along with my crafty endeavors.  I’ve also created a new crafty Instagram account if you’d like to follow me there its


7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. As a hater of pink, I thank you for this. The purple is a beautiful shade and I love red. Soooooo happy!!!!!!! Now if others would take your cue. 🙂


      1. Light purple and navy look amazing together…as does lighter shades of blue. You did great in choosing a blue to coordinate. Unfortunately, navy is almost as impossible to find in products as purple is!


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