Weekend Update

Welcome Farley

Yesterday was Family Day here in Alberta, and we took a little family trip to a local breeder and came home with a puppy.  Max had been asking for a kitty repeatedly for a few weeks, and I told him to ask his dad for a puppy as he was likely to have better luck.  We had been targeting Max’s 3rd birthday (in April) for a puppy, and when Excellent Husband found this local breeder, it seemed like a good fit.  Farley is a Shih-tzu Poodle Cross (with more poodle, but the shih-tzu coat) and is already a momma’s boy and slept the night with me last night only waking when the toddler woke (score! and they both went back to sleep for another 3 hours, double score!).  I imagine its hard to leave 3 great little brothers behind too, so he’s done amazingly well in his first 24 hours!

IMG_6482 1.jpg

Welcome to the crazy little guy!


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