A Pinterest Quilt

Years ago, when Pinterest was just becoming popular I pinned this image of a card (from an online shop which seems to be gone now :() and at the time I thought it would make a great quilt.

note cards:

image via Pinterest

When we were living out in Spruce Grove going through our infertility journey I did a lot of sewing.  A. Lot. Of. Sewing.  I also love the challenge of figuring out a design, so I bought a jelly roll of Moda brights and started pairing them off to a light and dark of a similar color family and then made up this magical little quilt.  When Max was born, nautical themes were really big in clothing for boys and the fabric store, and I ended up making him something entirely different.  This quilt has been sitting in a pile of unfinished projects for close to 3 years now (I can’t believe we’ve been in this house for 3 years already) until I pulled it out to add some binding the other day.

Its quite small, only 33″ x 38″.  I quilted it with a 1.5 inch straight line across the width and then bound it with my go-to binding for all kids quilts, a wonderful black and white stripe that I bought 3 meters of a couple of years ago.  The cut along the bias on both sides ended up making the bottom a little wonky, I didn’t realize that until I hung it up to take a photo.  My aunt once told me that we need to embrace these kind of imperfections because they distinguish our quilts from ones you can buy in a store.  It’s just the kind of thing she would say, but it is heartening to remember that a handmade blanket is a special thing in the days where you can buy almost anything you want in a store that has been mass produced.  There is only one of this blanket, and on Monday I will bring it down to my sweet little niece who is brand new to the world and will want some color on the journey (if she’s anything like her Aunty)!



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