A boy and his dog

On Tuesday I put the boy and his dog on a black and white chair and magic happened.  I didn’t even realize what gold I had until I brought the camera down to the computer and uploaded the images.  Each image was unique and together the images told the story of right now. In a way that words or one photo never could tell the story.

max and farley

A little hint, if you love yellow, buy your kid yellow jeans.  Then you will always be able to use yellow in your layouts! (kind of kidding, but kind of not…)  It’s no secret that black and white with a bit of color is just me, so this layout came together soooo easily.  I actually love those 3×3 squares way more than I anticipated.  It gets rid of the rounded corners of the PL cards and gives some consistency, which is awesome!


One of my goals this year has been to use my stamps more.  So far I have been struggling, but these photos with that white space at the top were perfect for a few sentiments.  I had to go through all three 6×8 binders of stamps to find the perfect sentiments (note to self, get rid of some stamps) but these were exactly what I wanted.  The “love” is from Ali Edward’s Prompts Story stamp (I picked it up in a sale, and its amazing!) and the “so totally” and “Magical” are both from the Magic Story Stamp (also got that one in a sale).


I bought a few extra of those rubber days of the week from the Studio Calico Arendal Documenter Kit, but now I’m wishing I had bought more (isn’t that the way of things) they are such a perfect little addition when you need a little extra on a layout (and lucky for me Tuesday was white).

Thanks for stopping by, I have a big recital for my students on Sunday, so I might be a little MIA on here and instagram this weekend, but we will see how it goes!


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