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Party invitations 

This week my Excellent Husband remarked that the boy’s third birthday party was as much for me as it was for the boy, and he’s probably right. A party means decorations, cupcakes and invitations, all things that are high on my love list.  As we didn’t throw Max a 1 year old party (because that one is really not for the kids, right?) last year when he turned 2 I was dissapoonted in what the party store had to offer.  There was a whole aisle of boy themes beside a whole aisle of girl themes and not a single plain colored birthday hat to be found. Everything was branded, Minions, Avengers, Bubble Guppies, you name it. Not at all what I wanted. I ended up buying party supplies (he had a Minion party loooong before he had ever seen the movie) but this year I wanted something a little less commercial and a little more me. So let the crafting begin 😄. 

I had an idea in my head, and while this isn’t exactly what I was picturing, it ended up pretty close. The watercolor background I made with a cheap set of Michael’s watercolor paints, and then I color photocopied it to play around with the stamping. The large open letters are Kelly Purkey’s Shoreditch alpha, and the small black letters were in a Studio Calico add-on with the Fairgrounds kit last summer (confession: this was the first time I had used them, they are great though!). 

The word three is my own handwriting. I have been getting better and better at achieving the look that I’m after when hand lettering, so that’s a win for me!

The three cute little animals are for Max’s favorites right now. Wolfie (I know it’s a fox, but who makes wolves, this is an issue in the craft world I tell you), his owl puppet and a penguin for the Penguins of Madagascar. Those of you who have seen the movie might chuckle to know that Max has been going around saying “Happy ding dong Birthday” to people lately, in the voice of the Skipper himself 😬. 

Invitees, look for your invites to come later this week!!


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