Day in the Life

Day in the Life {words & photos}

Wow!  What a difference a year makes in the approach that I took to Day in the Life.  (I know May 12 wasn’t quite a year ago, but pretty close).  Last year I took a bunch of photos (maybe 12) and just put them into my Project Life like any other photos.  This year I documented!!

It is going to turn out amazing!

Already I’m looking through my Instagram feed (paperandspool if you aren’t following me there yet) and I am loving the results of being a little more proactive!


   These two little monsters both woke up at the same time, so our strategy turned to divide and conquer. 

  Such great light this morning!

  I love it when he “plays” he carefully sets out the music just like mommy and her students. 

  A big puke led us to outfit number 2 of the day. And bunny needed a bath too. 


  A late shower for me, but I love the steam!

  His and hers leftover Easter pie snack

Max and Daddy doing important work.   

New shirt. Love the doodles.   

  Max having a hard time listening. 

  And the next moment all smiles. 

  This kid. I sure do love him. 

  Today’s tunes. Husband knows me well!


Documenting my super simple morning routine.   

  And his. 

“Maybe if I hide she won’t make me nap”


  Clearing off my desk during nap time

  This little stinker. “You stay there, I’ll stay in the crate” “Max this is a crib not a crate” “I stay in crate” – I think having a dog is leading to some confusion. 

  “Another underduck please”

 Penguin movie for Max, cat-nap for Mommy. 

IMG_6884 1

Favorite story right now (come on the boat and the boy are both named Max, who wouldn’t love that!)

IMG_68911Ready for bedtime. 


4 thoughts on “Day in the Life {words & photos}

    1. Haha so funny, I thought yours was so great with lots of general see the surroundings type photos and made a mental note for WITL. Never happy with our own photos is probably the moral of that story!!


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