Layout – my favorite

While away on our trip last weekend Max told me “swimming is my favorite” just after spending about an hour and a half swimming in the pool at my Oma’s seniors residence with my Oma, 3 aunties and 4 cousins. It was an awesome time, and I have been taking him to the pool regularly at home as swimming is one of the few sports (activities??) I really enjoy. It was so pleasant to hear him use favorite the first time, and in such a sweet and endearing context. 

I knew I would make a great layout with this photo as soon as I snapped it. So much love happening right here. I was actually inspired by receiving some of my sale goodies from the March Madness Studio Calico sales as some one used the Brimfield alpha to spell favorite like this (totally different alpha style and the page would not even look similar to this one I promise you!!). I loved the bright and colorful Wink Wink alpha as soon as it arrived (I hated it in the preview stage how funny is that), and I still had a few letter left, so I held my breath to see if I could spell everything I wanted to down the side. I had to alter one B into an E, but thankfully the hand it nature of these letters you can’t even notice. 

This layout had a few challenges for me, namely the journalling and the word swimming. Number one the journalling ended spilling over into the photo, which is ok, but not what I planned. Number two as soon as I wrote the word “Swimming” I hated how it looked. Big thanks to the wonderfully supportive friends I have on Instagram, they helped me see that it adds to the handcut letter charm of the larger title and really does ground the journalling down the middle, so for now it will stay as is. (No promises)


10 thoughts on “Layout – my favorite

  1. Great page! I love the bright happy colors, the cute close up photo, and most of all the quote. These times go by so fast…


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