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Recipe Update

Now that I have a recipe book in place, I’ve actually been a lot slower filling it up with my recipes than I thought I would be.  I’ve made it my Friday goal to put a new recipe into the book, for some of my family recipes this means actually making them during the week and photographing them as I don’t have photos of all the recipes.  This also means making them in time to photograph while the light is good…. at least the days are getting longer right?

This week’s recipe is my favorite muffin recipe, by a dear friend who passed away a few days before my niece was born.  Each year the week of her birthday it reminds me again that we are missing a wonderful woman.  She actually gave me the same recipe book she gave her daughter when I got married, so I still have her words to read and cherish, this recipe book will never replace that one, but I did want to include this muffin recipe.


It turned out to be a great way to include some story into the recipe book as well, instead of writing the website like the other recipes I’ve put together, I included a little background about the recipe.


Is any one interested in this recipe as a pdf?  I could easily put a link if anyone wants it!  Thanks for looking.


8 thoughts on “Recipe Update

  1. Love your recipe book and how you’ve laid it out. I’ve been so wanting to do something myself. Other than just the recipes printed out in page protectors in a binder.


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