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Day In the Life – Complete

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I spent a lot longer than I’d like to admit trying to make a fun slideshow of all these pictures.  Somehow all the free tools I found online were unsatisfying and I resigned myself to uploading each photo individually, then wordpress was all like “hey girl, can I make a slideshow for you” and I said “sure thing”.  You can watch it flip through at snail speed, or just hit the arrows to change the photo to the next page.

When I set out to do Day in the Life with Ali Edwards (and a bunch of other internet friends) I knew I wanted to try a different format than I tried last year.  I just added my photos into my regular Project Life album and it didn’t feel as special as I wanted it to.  This year I ordered an acrylic album from jamaicamakes in yellow (my color, for those of you who might be new around here) and the DITL kit from Ali Edward’s site (now sold out) with the amazing time stamp.  Ali’s kit ended up being mostly the wrong size for my project, so early on I sent the cards straight into my stash and made up my own little kit, which I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago.


I ended up using most of these supplies, except for the small number stickers and the larger pink alpha, other than that, everything made the cut.

At the time I shared this image, I was keeping a fun and exciting secret about my participation in the Feed Your Craft creative team, so the mini-flair I used isn’t pictured above, but you can get it here.  Now, normally I wouldn’t use a whole 6 pack of flair on one project but the way it ended up laying out with one photo on each page and the journalling across from it, I really liked the look of an embellishment on every page.  Some got the chipboard from Ali’s kit, some the die cuts from the Maggie Holmes Bloom ephemera package and a few other ticket diecuts I had in the drawer that matched the feeling I had for this project.

Here are a few close-ups of the mini-flair in action, head on over to the Feed Your Craft etsy shop and have a look at Elise’s great selection, I already have my eye on some days of the week for Week In the Life coming up in May!



I ended up going really simple with the journalling, I just grabbed a black pen and wrote the first thought or phrase to go with each photo.  A few of them I checked back to my Instagram post for the day, but most of them were pretty fresh in my mind.  The two or three photos with no time stamp are actually because they ended up being MASSIVELY out of order (I forgot to check my phone when adhering the paper on the back) and I couldn’t (read:lazy) move them after I realized so I decided to embrace the imperfection.

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at my project, I’m so proud of how it turned out, it matched my vision exactly (how often can you say that with creative projects).


Now, please give me your slideshow maker recommendations, how do you fancy technology loving people do it? Inquiring minds are curious!


17 thoughts on “Day In the Life – Complete

  1. Eep! Your chunky mini is fantastic, Amy Jo! Love the papers you selected and the “his” and “her” photos are such a great idea!


    1. Most of the 4×4 cards I cut down from kit paper I had in my stash! Some I had totally hoarding (the black and white diamond pattern), and some I didn’t even like when I first got them (that together is my favorite place one for example!)


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