Project life – An Easter Spread

I don’t Project Life weekly. Or even have any kind of expectation for how much or little I will accomplish with my Project Life pages each month. Unfortunately when I leave it for awhile, I suddenly have a bunch to do! Here is how I usually start; photos and cards. 

I accidentally got one embellishment on there before I took the photo. But embellishments are usually my next step. This could mean looking through a kit to find matching colors (I was on the hunt for that bright green) or checking my stash for something that works. 

I added some labels to the 4×6 photos and some round sayings to the top two 3×4 cards with a few of the bright green puffy stickers to the bottom left photo. Am I the only one who struggles with these round puffy stickers and enamel dots? Probably. 

Step 3, add journalling. Here I added some stories to the rainbow and bunny card, and I wanted to write a little bit about my husband’s egg coloring traditions so I added that story right onto the top left photo. 

Thanks for having a look at my process. Do you have any processes or traditions that work well when you are in “catch-up” mode? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “Project life – An Easter Spread

  1. Your pages look great, Amy Jo! My process is the same as yours, photos, then cards, embellishments, and last is journaling. Sticking with a kit (purchased or my own put together) works best for me if I’m trying to limit decisions and get caught up. šŸ™‚


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