Layout – You & Me

I recently cancelled my Studio Calico Scrapbook subscription because there was too much overlap between the Documenter kit and the Scrapbook kit (some months almost identical items in both kits) and the papers were increasingly becoming ones that were too far out of my style and I wasn’t getting full use out of them.  One of the extra pushes that I had was that the Felicity Jane papers and embellishments were consistently supplies that I could see myself using.


This photo was one of the best ones I took on March 29, the Day In the Life day from earlier this year. Definitely one of my favorites from the day.  And another great opportunity to use some mini-flair from Feed Your Craft.  I love the little black and white and set.  I often use layouts to journal and add story, but this seemed like a fun opportunity to just use all the pretty things.  I even used an embossing folder (the white layer has bows embossed on it, kind of hard to tell in the photo).  Such fun.



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