Week in the Life

Tuesday {words & photos}

 Fewer photos today, but that’s ok. I love the ebb and flow of the days and I think it helps to tell the story. It was a BUSY day today, and a bunch of things went unphotographed. 

Late wake up again, so late that we were almost (ok we were a little late) to the pediatrician. Max has been graduated to follow ups every 3 months and it’s such a change for me. The gradual step down from twice a week, once a week, once every two weeks, once a month to once every couple months has taken a long time, so we are really familiar with waiting and the toys in this office. (Zero complaints though, our pediatrician is AMAZING!)


Didn’t realize which finger he used until I uploaded the photo.   *sigh*

I love it when Edmonton blooms. Everything is so pretty, but we’ve already lost a lot of the pink blooms due to the wind!  

 Watering my tree. 💚IMG_7578

Current reads for the boy. Some excellent classics here, and he reads the Grover book with voices!!


I think I want to try to get a good portrait of my Excellent Husband this week too. Might take some convincing. 

Students! Tuesday I teach at the house and all my students are such a delight. 

Mr. Sniffles needed a little Paw Patrol encouragement to eat supper. It was still a crying disaster though. 

Ugh. That sickness really knocked out a lot of Farley’s training. Another bad day with messes inside today. Even with appropriate walking schedule in place. 

Also not pictured; late night Captain America with my cousin after work. What an awesome show! Loved it. And Paul Rudd 💕 what a stud. Keep it classy my friend. 

Loving this project! So excited for more to come!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday {words & photos}

  1. Lovely the self portrait. Great photos. but…. “The Monster at the End of This Book” book sent me back to when my young ones were wee ones. Loved that book.


    1. It is so good. The copy on his shelf was his nanny’s when she was young, she went and got it from her moms house so she could read it to him ❤️❤️❤️


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