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Wild – story kit

My guys were sleepy this morning and I went downstairs with the dog for some scrapbook time!  This is what I could accomplish in that time, and I have to say, I’m impressed with myself!IMG_7882 onlinefooter.jpg

I loved the idea of the Wild story theme from Ali Edwards and knew I would probably use it in a story about my husband and my son.  Together they really do trend to the wild side of play.  These out of focus photos just captured something so great, and so I converted them to black and white (somehow my living room just doesn’t photograph well) and made up my text in photoshop.  A little trick if you are working in 9×12 is to flip your canvas so that it is running down the 8.5×11 page and you don’t end up with that .5 inch white border on the side.  I trimmed my journalling to 3×9 and it fits perfectly across the page.

I’m not sure what kit that arrow paper came from, but it is Studio Calico, I didn’t even realize how great the B side was until I flipped it over to put adhesive on, and then I had to keep the top piece flipped I liked the color so much.

The mini-flair is a quote from “Where the wild things are” which, if you’ve never read it features a boy named Max, so of course Max loves it so much.  It was such a perfect fit for this layout.  The rest of the embellishments come from the Wild kit, which I don’t think is available any more, but might pop up in a sale one day, so if you love it (and you should) just be patient!


IMG_7884 online


5 thoughts on “Wild – story kit

  1. Love this page! I may have to steal your idea for similar photos with my sons and husband. And OMG, thank you so much for that tip for making journaling fit on the 9×12 canvas… how have I not thought of that… duh!


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