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Strawberries – PL layout

Hello everyone!  With that little vacation in the middle of the month I’m not sure where June has gone!  It’s crazy to think Canada Day is this weekend!  Wow!

Here is a great layout featuring our first strawberries of the year and some Feed Your Craft mini flair!  I love this set, and knew it would come in handy with my large garden!

IMG_8419 1

I love including my garden in my Project Life pages, and I’m planning on doing a bit more of an update across from this page as well, the garden is really filling out nicely!


Quick close up of those cute little strawberries!

How are you enjoying your summer?  Did you plant a garden?  Link it in the comments, I’d love to see it!


One thought on “Strawberries – PL layout

  1. Your page is so sweet, Amy Jo, and thanks for your willingness to share if I were closer! No green thumb here, so keep these garden photos coming! 🙂


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