Little Lamm & Co. Creative Team

Read – Little Lamm & Co.

There have been a lot of layouts going around with people documenting their reading lately, probably because of Ali Edward’s recent story kit “Read”, so I was interested in documenting my own reading, especially because I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading in the last few months.  I love the acrylic words that Ali… Continue reading Read – Little Lamm & Co.

Feed Your Craft Creative Team

Days of the Week – Magnets

I have loved using Elise’s miniflair for my scrapbooking projects.  This project however has been in my head since the beginning of my time on her creative team and has only just been finished (because I’m like that with projects….) I removed the foamie adhesive from the back and used my hot glue gun to… Continue reading Days of the Week – Magnets