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OLW – Album Progress

My One Little Word album has been suffering some serious neglect.  I haven’t touched it since January.  As I think I’ve mentioned getting Farley in February really derailed the practice I was doing (funny story on that practice to come), and I fell behind on the prompts soon after that.  Tonight I sat down to add a little bit to the album.  I won’t be worrying too much about keeping the prompts within each month, actually since I switched out my dividers to the acetate ones I cut out myself they aren’t labelled with months anyways.


I actually made up these practice dots because I totally lost the one I made in February.  Oops.  This accurately reflects the spirit of that practice though.  I chose to clear off the counter top each night (in an effort not to be selfish and do something creative every day) and unfortunately my practice had a hint of resentment in it then.  The funny thing is that now that we have really embraced simplify and have gotten rid of so much stuff, it is easy and light to clear the counter everyday.  It is so weird how your mindset can make such a HUGE difference to the outcome.


I am absolutely over the moon with how these clear dividers are turning out in the album.  Just the best decision I made in this project.  I added a black and white striped heart to this one and it just makes everything about this page perfect for me!


I found all my collage pieces in a pile in my craft room the other day.  Yikes.  They had never made it onto the collage….


I LOOOOOVE this waaaaay better than collage….. The florals make my heart sing.


I’ll share some more later once the light is good enough to photograph the other pages I’ve worked on… I managed to get these with the last good light of the day.



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