Layout – Bees in the Garden

I’ve got a beautiful layout this Tuesday to share with you, and surprise, surprise there is NO PINK.  I know.  And no gold either.  I promise I’m not sick, just had some great photos to share that didn’t suit my signature colors.

This month I’m over on the Studio Calico boards hosting the LOAW challenges.  Now if you are a lurker and shy poster (like me, I swear I read 95% more than I post online) LOAW stands for LayOut A Week (and it’s quite possible that I’m totally mistaken about that….) you know how the internets can be.  Anyways, I will have a new challenge ready every Friday and I hope you hop on over and play along.  There is a prize offered by Studio Calico for one random participant over the four weeks, so make sure you post your layouts in the numbered threads.

I didn’t have anything ready before I posted the challenge, and I would love to say that is because I wanted to play along at the same time as everyone else, but truthfully I just didn’t even think about working on it in advance…. so I went outside to take these photos this morning (but it really could have been yesterday or the day before) because the catmint out on the front walk way always has about 5-6 bees buzzing around in it.  It doesn’t really matter what time of day, there are always some diligent worker bees out there.

Then I went to pull papers and supplies.  In all honesty, I had two large piles of supplies, one pile pink and yellow, the other one these lovely blues and woodgrain patterns and kraft.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone for a lovely change.


You’ll see that not everything I gathered made it into the layout.  I often spread the net pretty wide when I’m gathering supplies.  Sometimes you never know where the inspiration might come from as you are putting things together.  The biggest surprise to me in this pile was the kraft plus signs paper which featured white, blue, navy, and coral plus signs.  Perfect fit, but I never would have gone searching for it, that’s why I like to flip through my papers and I tend to keep them organized in two piles, warm and cool.  Easy.

layout beestitle

Those who know me well know that the brown and black and navy all on the same page is tough for me to handle.  At least the navy and the black aren’t sitting right next to each other, so I think I’ll let it go.  Although, if it was possible to easily re-color chipboard…..

layout view

Morning/evening chipboard: Ali Edwards Craft the Story kits
White Thickers: Michael’s
Woodgrain Alpha: Sn@p Studio by Simple Stories
Wood Veneer Grid: Studio Calico (Cirque)
Papers: Studio Calico (Navy/Plus Signs), Maggie Holmes (Floral/Fringe), Jen Hadfield (WoodGrain)
Washi: Studio Calico (Tybee Island Add-On?) I can’t remember exactly, but I think that is right.



9 thoughts on “Layout – Bees in the Garden

  1. I really like the colors, even if they are out of your comfort zone. The blues and woodgrain work so well with the photo. I totally understand your aversion to blue, black, and brown on a page. It’s something I try to avoid. But it works so beautifully here.

    I have to laugh, because my last layout was also out of my color comfort zone. The difference was that mine were all warm tones… yellow, orange, and red.


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