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Days of the Week – Magnets

I have loved using Elise’s miniflair for my scrapbooking projects.  This project however has been in my head since the beginning of my time on her creative team and has only just been finished (because I’m like that with projects….)


I removed the foamie adhesive from the back and used my hot glue gun to adhere a magnet in the center.  Because the miniflair are metal, the magnet actually sticks to them without glue, but you run the risk of the magent sticking to your fridge stronger than the miniflair, so I glued them just be sure!


I like to meal plan, but I generally just plan out what meals I’m going to make, and not assign them to an actual day.  That tends to stress me out!  Especially when I can’t stick to the plan I made.  So I often stock the freezer and pantry and have my list.  Now with my days of the week magnets I can easily change the order or day of each meal.  Flexibility.  Love it.

I get a lot of compliments on my fridge photos, they are not the Instagram sponsored sticky9 magnets, they are actually printed on my home printer!  I picked up some magnet paper from Staples (about $15 for 5 sheets, so it works out way cheaper than the sticky9 magnets!!)  I printed out my photos 3×3 and just keep rotating out old ones and putting in new ones when needed!

This is also how I printed my meals, I have a magnetic bin on the side of the fridge that has our regular meals, and I put them out on the front when I have the supplies for them on hand so I know they are options.


For fun I put the magnets over on my chalkboard wall as another example of how you could use these. I painted a few coats of the magnetic paint on this wall before doing the chalkboard paint, but it isn’t very strong.  Unless you are committed it isn’t the best way of magnetizing your wall.



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