PL – Summertime

I had a HUGE catch up session on my Project Life album the other night, and it feels great.  One thing that I have never been good at is doing the same thing all the time, so bouncing around to layouts and other creative team projects actually gave me more energy and creativity for my Project Life.  The only thing that sometimes happens is I leave it too long and I’m not inspired to go back and update 3 months ago.  It definitely helps if I have photos printed and organized already (like I did the other day), but inevitably I have to print off one of this or that to make it work.

canada day side by side

I’m going to kind of bounce around the sharing of these pages in non-consecutive order, because I don’t want to overload them all into one post.  Enjoy the COLOR in this one!  No pink! Are you proud of me?  It kind of ended up being an accident, but it’s fun to try other combos anyways.


It helps to document in a timely manner when your kid is reaching all kinds of milestones.  Max loves his trike and is getting better and better.  He’s no Kaspar Treadway (friends of ours who are professional skiiers), but that’s ok!


We had a great relaxing Canada Day this year and got to enjoy our yard for the first backyard BBQ (we’ve been eating inside up until now because the yard has been a bit of a mess).  And while the fireworks inspired another meltdown in the small one, it was much more manageable this year and didn’t last the whole time.  He’ll get there.


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