Day in the Life

Day in the Life – July 30

Yesterday I took photos for Day in the Life, a project started by Ali Edwards. Last day in the life I made a mini album and loved how it turned out, that was a bit of a “normal” day for us with lots of very regular stuff going on. This time around we are summer holidaying and having the best of times, so the photos are a little different. It’s funny, I took way less photos yesterday, but had a really awesome day. I loved some advice that Ali gave in the Facebook group, better a great group of 12 curated photos than a larger amount of photos that you struggled to take. Great advice. 

I ended up with 14 awesome photos, and I might grab one more that my sister took from her phone, and I’m totally ok with that. 

 Max has been so hilarious in the mornings, setting up camp by his bookshelf and reading so casually. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes on our morning walk because it poured all night long and they were riled up. Thankfully the rest of the day was alright though. 

My neighbors beautiful succulent garden and my morning Diet Coke. 

I absolutely adore Heritage Festival. 62 countries set up pavilions in Hawrelak park and serve traditional dishes and have cultural presentations (eg dance & music) throughout the day. There are also goods from many countries available for sale and it is truly an awesome celebration of the many cultures in and around Edmonton. The festival is so Canadian and so multicultural at the same time that it is SO amazing to be there. 

We took the bus (because you can’t park there during the festival) and of course the kids think that is awesome. These two also spent a majority of the day either holding hands or running around on empty stages. 


We had such a great group to go with this year, in addition to Chris’ cousins family (and her parents) my sister Wendy joined us and also Kristyn and Dylan. It is just so awesome to hang out with people in that environment.  Plus my sister and I shared everything we got so I went through half the tickets I normally would have. 

Max loved the hot air balloon until he shouted “it’s going to fall on me” and hid his face in the grass. Oh my. 

As soon as we left the park they actually closed it and started evacuating it for the second massive thunderstorm this week. The major freeway through town was shut down due to flooding 😳. We even had a little bit of hail!

My garden in the aftermath of of the rain was gorgeous though! My tomatoes are doing so well and my hydrangea looks amazing!

My day ended quietly with a bubble bath and some Netflix while Chris worked on a paper for school. 

Great day. 




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