On My Desk


My childhood collection was fancy teaspoons.  You know the type, the kinds of touristy spoons you can pick up in almost any gift shop.  When we were children my parents encouraged each of us to have a collection (my sister chose keychains).  In retrospect it’s a great idea.  Rather than a pile of kitchy things focus your children on building one collection.  Easy souvenir, and no arguing in the gift shop.

During our KonMari I came across a bag of spoons.  It wasn’t as many spoons as I remember having, so it’s quite possible I’ve already gone through it in the past and gotten rid of some of them.  But here are a few photos of the ones I have left.


These ones were all gifts.  Notably the Korea spoon from a teacher that had traveled to Korea to teach English after she taught my Grade 3 class.  She and my mom stayed in close contact over the years and she brought that back for me on one visit. The one from the Crystal Cathedral was from my parents when they visited there once.  I can no longer remember who brought the others or if I found them myself at a gift store.


Most of these were from a trip we took through the Black Hills and earlier trips to Delavan and South Dakota.  My memory isn’t good enough any more to remember exactly the chronology of the trips and when I got each spoon.


This last set is the only set that I am going to keep.  I love both the dutch ones (surprise) and the little bears on the Jasper spoon have always been my favorite.  The Beatrix Potter one still has the protective box (!) and the imprint on the middle one is just lovely.


A few more little details!


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