Reclaiming your digital supplies

Over the last 2 years since I returned to scrapbooking I have purchased a lot of digital supplies (Studio Calico has digital versions of their kit and I have purchased all but 1 of the kits that I have a physical version of) and used a good number of digital supplies from my 2 design team requirements (Sahin Designs and Little Lamm & Co.). That left me with more digital product than I realized and no organization system. No longer! I tamed my digital stash over the weekend and had a number of requests to share some tips so you could do the same. 

Step 1: Find all of your digital files and put them in one spot 

I am guilty of just letting files sit in my downloads folder! (Sometimes I forget to extract zip files!!) when I started I knew I needed to get everything in one place so I created a folder on my desktop and then created sub folders so I could sort by designer (Studio Calico, Ali Edwards, Sahin Designs, Little Lamm & Co., Paislee Press and One Little Bird) the rest of the stuff I had were one offs from freebie downloads or a single collection from one designer, so they all got put in a folder labelled Other. Once I was sure I had everything, I cleaned out the downloads folder to make sure I can stay on top of this process in the future. 

Step 2: Duplicate the Folder

You might want to skip this step if storage space is an issue for you, but my hard drive can take it and I often like to look for something by designer, so I wanted to keep those original folders just in case. (Plus this makes sure you won’t accidentally delete something in the process and lose it, but most digital resources should have someway to re-download in case that happens). 

Step 3: Create a new folder, I labeled mine PL cards by color 

Within the folder I made several sub folders labeled by color. My categories are B&W, blue, pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, green, grey, multicolor. This is a good spot for you to customize the process to match your scrap style. Do you find yourself looking for journal cards or filler cards more often?!? Make a folder for them. This is how I build a spread using physical supplies so I knew it would work for me with my digital supplies. 

Step 4: Start sorting

Here is where I should say, work quickly and don’t overthink it. Don’t worry about if it is green or turquoise or maybe light blue, go with your gut and you can always adjust it later when browsing your stash. (I find my gut is usually right about where I will look for something later anyways). One extra little note, most digital files are well named (the Studio Calico ones all have the kit name in the name, so once I was done the cards from the same kit and the same category are still next to each other in the folder) no need to rename each file as you move it. 

This is also where I did a little bit of editing and didn’t include cards that I know I will never use. There are always a few cards that don’t suit your style and there is no need to have them clutter your stash. Remember you still have the full kits in your second file if you really need it one day.   
You might encounter some things that just don’t fit your sorting criteria. I left all my PushPrintStudio files loose in the folder (they will appear after the folders) because each page has multiple colors of cards on it. I haven’t decided if I will crop them all down and file each card separately or not, but I’m leaning towards not. Alternatively you could make a folder specifically for the things that don’t match your previous criteria as well. 
I hope this peek into my process was helpful, already I’ve seen the effort pay off as I’m trying to finish up my 2016 Project Life album. Let me know how your files are sorted or if you try this method, I’d love to hear how it goes!


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