2016 Monthly Dividers


As I was working on my 2016 goals and plans I realized that I needed a plan for a monthly divider type card (or divider) for my album.  Last year I used some Becky Higgins Project Life Dividers from the Midnight Core collection, and I really liked having something to section off each month in my album.  I wanted something a little bit different for this year, and in the spirit of my blogging and craft goals, I decided to make my own monthly divider cards.  I will admit great inspiration from the Stendig calendar, and it was really disappointing to miss purchasing a 2016 calendar as I’m clearly late to that party. (Question: is everybody cooler than me?? Answer: of course AJ, next question.)

The design didn’t end up being as similar as I thought it would be, I prefer words in all lowercase for my months and I don’t think I chose the same font at all, but I’m loving the graphic look of what I came up with.


Part of my goal this year is to sell some of my designs in an etsy shop, Paper & Spool, and I took a great part of last week & weekend working on setting up my shop and hopefully uploading my files in a way that I can share them with anyone who is interested. 

For me this is huge. This is putting myself out there in a way that I’ve always wanted to do, but always felt scared to do. This post has been ready for 3 days and I nervously kept bumping the schedule date until I realized I need to just pull the trigger and put it out there. 

 I will be updating that shop throughout the year with some of my paper printable products (I’m working on a Valentines set of cards with NO PINK) and very likely some of my sewing projects as well as I have a lot of ideas on that end of things too.  

Right now the whole year set of 12 months is available for download in 2 colors for only $3.50 CAD. I would love it if you supported me in this way through the shop.  If you’d like to see the cards in action, I’ve used the January card on my first Project Life spread of the year and I’ll be using them at the beginning of each month, so feel free to check back for more inspiration.


This is something I know to be true. Scrapbooking people are the best kind of people and I truly thank you for reading my rambling thoughts and downloading my designs. It means more to me than you might know ❤
Amy Jo


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