Day in the Life

DITL progress

I have been working on my Day In the Life project while Max and I are visiting family. It’s kind of nice to have something to work with at the end of the day and keep my hands busy before bed. 

The rings that came with my album proved to be too small. I added a few too many things already and I didn’t have any journalling in here when I took this photo, so my mom kindly picked up some bigger rings for me last night and now the album has a little room to breathe. 

Now I’m working on some moderation when it comes to embellishments. I have a great set of Feed Your Craft mini flair that I’m adding right now. My instinct is to add all the things, an I even pulled out some purple alphas (I am not a purple person, but this shade of purple is 😘). 

I’m probably going to type up journalling for this album, so that might have to wait until I get home to finish it up. 

Here are a few more sneak peeks for you. 



7 thoughts on “DITL progress

  1. Loving what I see so far Amy Jo! Can’t wait to see it once you’ve added your journaling and yeah, it’s hard not to want to add everything! 😉


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