My Reason Why

Wow. I never in a million years thought that this would be the kind of page I would write and include in any project. On most personality tests I trend to the thinking, not the feeling side of things, and as a result most of my journaling is extremely factual and not so introspective. I love to write about what we saw, where we went, what we did, but rarely do my thoughts turn to intentions, or the underlying reason why I am.

I have been truly enjoying the December Daily Facebook community and also been getting so much insight and inspiration from Ali Edward’s Storytelling with December Daily class that I have realized these thoughts and reasons are central to the thing. Central to the story, central to my experience and central to what I hope my son gets from his childhood memories all printed out with glittery paper and sequins and the pretty papers I couldn’t resist. This is my story and no one will tell it but me. Maybe no one will read it but me (but I already know that won’t be true), but it is still valuable and good to have it written down.

So here it is. My reason why.
Thanks friends.


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