Take 5: Studio Calico Film Club

I just received my Studio Calico Film Club kit in the mail. WOW!  I am in love.  This month’s Take 5 could have been a Take 20!  I loved it so much.


1 – cork tabs? banners? what are we calling these?  flags?  I don’t know but I love them.  SOOO versatile.

2 – Chipboard shapes.  I can’t get enough.  These are amazing every time.  These little sayings are excellent and again, so versatile.  I also love the colors included, they are very me and I can see myself wanting more of them later on, too bad I missed the double up.

3 – These lovely tags from the Stephanie Bryan mini-kit are so cute.  I’m looking forward to how she will use them in the Day by Day class, I already have a few ideas for myself as well.

4 – The cards.  So many wins in this batch of cards.  The yellow and pink are right where I’m feeling creative and inspired lately and the others are just fun extras!

5 – Washi.  I think I had a roll of washi on my last Take 5.  And I seem to just stash them, but this one is so cute.  The color and the black script, lovely.


Leave it: I’m not really a fan of the block alphas.  They just feel so 90’s to me, and I struggle to use them.  I did see some good ideas in the creative team gallery, so I may still try to use these.  The little button stickers are similar to others that I have, but the numbers are what I was most looking forward to and the 1 is bigger than all the others, I was hoping they would all be the same size :(. It seems I’m not a fan of cartoony saying cards.  These ones didn’t pass the first cut, so I may not use them, I’ll have to see if the mood strikes.


12 thoughts on “Take 5: Studio Calico Film Club

    1. There was a run where every kit had a roll of washi, and when I got both SB and PL you would come out with two new rolls a month. It seems they are more in favor of the washi strips now, which provides more variety and color, but way less washi!!


  1. I think you are the first person I’ve ever met that admitted to not liking block alphas. I can never make them look right. Thank you for making me feel less alone in the lack of alpha love.


    1. No problem! I can just never figure out how to use them and get them all lined up nicely and why there are so many of them out there in such weird fonts!! This one is at least a pretty straight forward font. Glad to know there are others like me out there!!

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    1. I agree. It has been a little crazy over there as of late. I still do find that I like most of the kit, but I’m down to just the Project Life kit, there were too many same items between the PL and the SB for me to justify both of them shipped to Canada.


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