Week in the Life

Sunday {words & photos}

I had a morning.  A morning where I seemed to encounter every incompetent service person that was working this fine Sunday morning.  After driving across the city I found a lovely man enjoying his day and doing his job beyond reproach.  Thank goodness!  I at least got what I needed to work on the shed for a few hours.

Second coat of red is complete!

He was singing into the hose attachment! ❤

Hard morning of work calls for a nap.  I’ve been having a hard time waking up from naps, but today Max shouted at me from his room “Mommy come get me NOW!!”

A little monkey jumping on the bed.


A few flowers in the middle of my weed patch.

I looked over this afternoon to see Max standing fully clothed in his water-table.  Now the shoes are soaked, but he’s a happy camper!

This little guy is really snuggly the last few days, and has resumed doing his business outside (yay!!).

When you blog, make sure your outfit matches your chair….  (P.S. thanks to the dog and my new walking routine these black and white shorts fit again!! WooHoo!)


6 thoughts on “Sunday {words & photos}

  1. these are wonderful, love the pic of Max singing into the hose, and jumping on the bed (great action shot)


  2. Great pics. Glad your dog is doing better. Next time my family gives me grief for coordinating outfits for photos, I’m showing your shorts and couch photo!! lol.


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