Week in the Life

Week in the Life Progress


I am slowly getting my Week in the Life album put together.IMG_7879

These are my daily front pages. I saw a similar layer filter in some advertising and thought it was brilliant. It works well on most of my photos, and I like consistency enough that I’ll take it like it is. 

I’m really digging layers and mixing up different sizes. I’ve cut down a bunch of extra page protectors I had and am really enjoying the over all effect!

Found a great way to include out TV/movie watching from the week. I need a few more “out of the pocket” ideas like this I think. I sure like it!

And I am LOVING last years stamp. Don’t ask me why, I almost threw it out last year, it didn’t seem like my style at all! I let it sit in the giveaway bin for a long time. Now I’m using it on every page!?! Crazy times. 


8 thoughts on “Week in the Life Progress

  1. Love your progress so far 🙂 And I was totally the same with last years stamp! Didn’t care for it at all, now it’s one of my staples! Too funny.


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