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There have been a lot of layouts going around with people documenting their reading lately, probably because of Ali Edward’s recent story kit “Read”, so I was interested in documenting my own reading, especially because I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading in the last few months.  I love the acrylic words that Ali includes in her kit, but the colors of the other embellishments didn’t work the way I wanted with my layout (because apparently I only read blue books?!?).  This is where the digital files from Little Lamm Co worked so well.

I really love working with digital journalling cards because it is so easy to recolor them to match your project. I used cards from the Austen collection and the Anthology collection to put together this spread about our summer reading and our trips to the library.  It is so easy to recolor these cards (I use Photoshop for this, but Photoshop Elements works just as good).  Some of them I turned to black and white (currently reading), some I just recolored with the paint bucket (READ/Stories) and on the card behind the stories circle, I just shifted it to a blue that matched the rest of the layout (you can do this with a Hue/Saturation layer and just slide the arrow around until you find the color you want)


The cork numbers have been in my stash for over a year.  Waiting patiently for the right project.  I LOVE the effect here, it really did exactly what I was hoping for.


I also included a list of what Max is currently reading, as he is in his first summer of the local library reading program.  We live a 10 minute walk from our local branch and we have been going weekly, it totally reminds me of my childhood and my sister Wendy and I checking out mountains of books from the library every couple of weeks.


This is probably my favorite part of the layout, I cut this card to skinny to be a filler card by accident, and then had a stroke of genius to cut it like a tag and add it behind one of the top books.  I love little interactive things like this!  It makes pages so fun.


Plus, let me just say, The Girl on the Train is an AMAZING read!  Never have I felt so much sympathy for such a flawed main character.  Probably colored by my own infertility experience, but so many of the emotions and thought processes were familiar to me.  So perhaps be warned if you are still in the dark part of that journey, no need to frighten yourself….


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