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Kit Review – Gossamer Blue

Eep!  I did it.  I finally tried a different kit club (even if only for a month).


A few months ago I cancelled my scrapbook kit from Studio Calico and tried out Felicity Jane kits.  I loved the change and was inspired by supplies that fit my style so easily. So I have been looking around at other kits for my Project Life pages, but there are so many options, and with the price I get for the kit and shipping at SC, they are all more expensive than what I currently get.

This month, I had a positive balance in my PayPal (I know right! Score) from selling a few old stamps and decided to take the opportunity to try the July Gossamer Blue kit.  Really what sold me on this kit was the delightful amount of small stuff.  There was a great collection of sequins, and the little acrylic bits along with the generous amount of wood veneer and the really great chipboard pieces (the chipboard got me first….).


Lately my supplies have felt very flat, and the wood veneer in this kit is quite thin, but still will add some dimension to projects.  However, the acrylic pieces are satisfyingly thick, and really awesome colors!

I’ll admit that what surprised me was the cards.  I have a habit of going through a kit right away and making two piles.  The “yes for sure” pile and the “never ever” pile.  Lately with my Studio Calico kits the never ever pile has been winning.  With this kit, the never ever pile only ended up with 6 cards.  and a few of them 4×6 cards which I don’t tend to use as much anyways.  hmmm.  A bit of a wake up call, it might be time for a more permanent change, but the sneaks for August look so great at Studio Calico, so I’ll definitely be hanging on for one more month there.

Do you have a Pocket Page kit that you love?  Let me know which one and why, and I’ll check it out!


3 thoughts on “Kit Review – Gossamer Blue

  1. I haven’t joined a kit club yet. Though I admit to looking at the sneak peeks each month. Do you find that for you, it is worth the money? Does it always inspire inspiration, or are there times that you find the products overall just don’t work for you?


    1. I like having a kit, but I am seriously rethinking it at the moment. A few things that are really “in” (eg alpha squares) are just not my style at all. I also have started using more and more digital and I think I might continue that way, once you pay for a card you can use it over and over again!


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