Week in the Life -day 2

Day 2.  I will admit it, I had a stinky attitude today.  I woke up and everything either annoyed me or stressed me out.  I took a giant nap for most of the afternoon and then went out with Kristyn (our friend and part-time nanny) to see a show at our local Fringe Festival starring a good friend.  It was the kind of day that you feel you would rather skip, so I’m glad that this project made me reflect and think about my attitude as I was going about my day.  It certainly pushed me over into the “must nap” feeling (rather than just keep going and make everyone else miserable) that had overtaken me by 11 am.IMG_5168



IMG_5167All told I’m hoping to get a good nights rest and be ready to meet the day tomorrow.  Just one of those days where I needed a bit of a break!  I’m so glad to have Kristyn as a support to get those days when I need them.



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