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December Daily Day 1-5

Here it is!  My first update on December Daily 2015.  I have been enjoying the process and even working ahead (gasp).  I had a lot of work done before we left on our holiday, so it was easy to put photos in.  I will admit to a few small doubts and the usual second guessing, especially when I see other’s albums in the Facebook group or the Studio Calico gallery.  But for the most part I am very pleased with how it is coming together.  Perhaps my only problem (?!?) is too many stories to tell!

day 1day 1aaday 1a

Day 1 is a page and half about our trip.  The first selfie faces my “reason why” page, and the two photos of the castle in Disney World create a spread about our trip.  I struggled a little bit with how much of our trip to include because I’m definitely going to be making a mini of the trip separate from this album, but it is still a part of our December story.

day 1b

Day 2 was ready before I even left for Florida.  I know it feels like cheating, but I feel better about pre-prep than catch-up.  This first snow was the last Wednesday of November, but I know that Max went outside with his grandparents while we were gone as well, so not really cheating ;).

day 2aday 2b

I am perhaps going a little overboard with the sparkles and sequins, but its December, so is anyone actually keeping track??

day 3

HP world.  I love you. Nuf said.

Day 4 was the red envelope with the white 4 on the front and I am saving it as there seems to be a bit of drama surrounding my husbands recent online purchases that can’t be revealed until presents are opened.  I’m curious for the whole story as it seems rather hilarious to everyone else, but I know no details…..  I’m hoping to have him write it down but he refuses to do it in advance.

day 5a

Day 5 is our family Christmas card.  I also took a photo as I was addressing these (again, in early November) and included that.  I also got a great stamp book from the post office that I plan to punch and put in here as an extra little insert, the Canada Post Christmas Stamps were a moose wearing a scarf!  How Canadian!

day 5b

I’m so pleased to get these up on the blog and ready to share!  I have been enjoying the inspiration from others as well!  Like I mentioned, it can be easy to fall into the “not good enough” feeling, but I know that next year I won’t be thinking that way when I look back at what I’ve done.  I’ll just be happy to have these memories in one place where I can enjoy them.


I will admit that the Facebook group is great for the daily reminder of looking for stories.  Last year I felt a little more like I was on my own.  I knew other people were doing it, but the group is just a great motivator and a wonderful community!  If you aren’t a part of it and you are attempting an album, come and join!!


Amy Jo



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