December Daily

December Daily Day 6-8

day 6

Home from our trip and a quiet morning before we went to go pick up Max from his Grandma & Grandpa.

day 6aday 6bIMG_5377

I included a note about why we celebrated Sinterklaas a day late and the tag from Max’s gift in the little bag.  I like how you can kind of see through so you know something is there!


Playing with his record player.  ❤


Day 7 (the number ended up at the end of the photos for some reason), picking up our tree.


Max with Kristyn, our wonderful friend & nanny on days when Chris and I are both working.  Its so nice to include her in our family events like this.  Plus Max just adores her!


This day (8) was ready and sitting by for many weeks before this project even started.  Chris is the Clark Griswold of our group and went all out with the lights.  For him this was actually pretty tame!



There you have it!  Day 6-8 on the blog a ready to share.  I’ve got another post coming tomorrow with 9-12, so come back to see more then.


Amy Jo


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