One Little Word

One Little Word – Simplify


What a start!  January you are already flying by!  My hope for this year is to simplify our stuff, our way of living and our routines to create some much needed calm in our busy life.  I’m loving that my husband has bought into the idea and is helping keep this idea at the front of our scheduling and other areas of our life as well.


I gathered a bunch of elements from different SC kits over the past year and tried to stick with the color scheme.  I had tried another way of presenting the quote but then I remembered the digital copy of the WITL 2015 cards that came with my pre-order and went off to find that “she said” card.


There are two more pages ready for journalling like Ali’s after these two, but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and think the word through completely yet.  That will come.

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy Jo


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