Quote #1

Do what makes you happyMy One Little Word for this year is Simplify.  I am loving this word and the impact that it is already having in my life, but I wanted to have that impact spill over into this blog.

Taking on a new project when my word is simplify might seem a little counter intuitive, but I have been working on a direction for my blog and this is a simple step to take this blog where I’d like to see it.

I was very inspired by both Ali Edwards and Amy Tan with their handwritten quotes last year, and I decided to blend both of their styles into my own.  Black and white, with watercolor brush script <3. I hope that some of my readers might also be interested in using these quotes about simplicity and being content as much as I do, so I am going to offer the quote and a 3×4 or 4×6 card perfect for Project Life as a free download.

To download the quote alone as a png, just right click the image above and choose Save Image As.  Then you can use it digitally in your own projects.  To download the 3×4 card, choose the file type you want below.

do what makes you happy 3×4 png
do what makes you happy 3×4 jpg

I will be using them in my Project Life album this year, so I hope that I can provide some inspiration throughout the year as well.  I will upload each quote along with the cards every Monday through the end of this year.

Follow me here to keep up with each week, and if you use these cards or the word art in your projects, please link it here as I’d love to see it!



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