31 Things Layout


For years I have read blogs of other crafters and I’ve seen them say over and over again how easy it is to create a layout from your blog posts.  Never before have I found that truer than it was today.  I simply copy & pasted my 31 things birthday list from Tuesday into Word and printed it out (font is Travelling Typewriter), trimmed them up and started adhering them.

I chose my 2 favorite papers from the Arendal Scrapbook kit and the black and white triangle page is the back of one of the Carolina Moon (May? June? last year) kit.


I kept ordering extras of the Cirque Project Life kit (I think I ended up with 3 or 4) as it was my favorite kit of last year, so I had a bunch of these little rubber FEB banners hanging around.  It seems a little incongruous on the layout without the context of my aqua album.  Aqua is a neutral for me this year, it will always match (yes!).


Here is the facing page, I struggle to make 2 project life spreads work together sometimes, and an easy fix to that is to face a PL spread with a matching layout (I do this a lot….) I used my own february number card on the left with a few photos printed with my Instax Share printer that Excellent Husband purchased for me.


One last close up.  Arendal was SUCH a great kit, I hope the next one is as good!


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