January Project Life Pages


Here are the two main spreads I worked on for January.  We had unseasonably warm weather for a lot of the month, so we spent some extra time outside, which is really nice in the dead of winter in Northern Canada!!


Max loved helping shovel, and its actually too bad that its been so nice as he hasn’t had another chance since this day to “help daddy”.  I struggled a little with that lower left pocket that had the aqua circle peek through from the other page.  I did the silly thing and adhered that aqua circle inside the pocket to the back of the page protector so I couldn’t slide anything in behind it.  I had this little moments circle that I liked with this page, but I would have been happier without the ring of aqua around it.  Oh well, it’s not going to matter much in the long run.


I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes struggle to make a two page Project Life spread that I love.  This is a great way to break it up and not have to worry about how well it coordinates across the two pages.  This 6×12 insert is in the middle, and both sides of this insert work with the page its facing.  I loved this photo of Max and Chris reading, and it played well with the photos of them working out in the snow.  That word cloud thing is harder to do than it looks, I think I’ll be better next time, but kudos to people who do it all the time!  It was nerve-wracking to look for a piece that was the right size and also had a word/phrase I wanted to use.


This one came together easily once I had all the photos out.  What great blues!  The ice castles were fun too.  It was kind of funny, the company that builds these is based in Utah, and when I read the site it made it seem like the walkways would be really treacherous and that you should make sure to wear excellent footwear and arrive in the light so you could see the terrain.  Well, we got there and it was basically like walking on our front sidewalk, which admittedly is treacherous, but we are so used to it.  Growing up in Alberta has prepared me to brave the elements and walk on uneven ice.  Go Canada.


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