Hello May, otherwise known as April, what happened?

Hello May. I’m ready. April ended on an exhausting note, I got a bad cold and most of my projects and ideas took a back seat to that as well as my outdoor projects. It has been so beautiful here (we broke a record on Wednesday) and the yard definitely needs some TLC. My garden is coming up so well!

I know garden photos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ll admit I’m proud of the gardening knowledge I’ve gained over the last two years and for our region I was able to get a major head start this year. Often the rule of thumb is no bedding plants before the May long weekend, and I’ve already got strawberries forming and buds on my tomatoes. So I’m going to call it a good start and hope it pays off with a good harvest this summer and fall.  I even put in some Saskatoon bushes beside the house, I’m hoping they do well and I can get some berries from them in the coming years. 

Tomorrow is National Scrapbook day and I’ll be stuck at work teaching kiddos the love of music (not really too upset about that one) so I thought I’d share this Instagram challenge from Elise at Feed your Craft in case you have time to craft and want to come out with some awesome mini-flair!

You can check out the full post on her Instagram, Feed Your Craft
Happy crafting!


7 thoughts on “Hello May, otherwise known as April, what happened?

  1. You’re off to a wonderful start. I won’t let my husband till the garden until my daughter’s bedroom floor is in. But the deer fencing went in this week.


  2. Awesome garden! Last year I planted too early and was rushing out to cover the plants with towels at night! I don’t think that will be a problem this year!


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