Week in the Life

Wednesday {words & photos}

Hello Wednesday.  I knew in advance that today (and tomorrow) would be low photos days, and I’m actually excited to try and use more words to tell our story. I teach great deal on these two days (26 students today and 27 tomorrow) so the time I have is short. My studio is un-photogenic and I will try to take some work related photos tomorrow, but I did have a few other neat stories to tell today.

We hit the road this morning to head to the Enjoy Centre, a great greenhouse and shop area that I love. Unfortunately we were hangry on the way we stopped for food so we didn’t end up eating there as we were still full from our snack. Too bad, I was looking forward to having a fancy meal to photograph.

We did take a scenic little backroad to get there, and the iPhone shuffle was only bringing out the top quality songs, so it ended up being a great drive.

Right here. This is us. ❤️

Too cute.



Drive back home to change into work clothes and head to the studio.

On the way home from work Chris called me to stop at our local pizza place and grab a pizza and some wings. These guys make a great pizza and are so affable. I had a nice chat while they put our order together they are always interested in how my business is and are a pleasure to connect with. (Roma Pizza and Donair for locals! Check them out!)


Slightly better day for this pooch, and a bath so he’s all fluffy and cuddly.

Excellent husband PVRd the Dallas/St. Louis game 7 so I get first dibs on the covers tonight. Score!



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